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Cheshire & Warrington School Sport Alliance COVID-19 Physical Activity Directory

Over the last month or so a group of School Games Leads from the Cheshire, Warrington and Merseyside areas have been devising an electronic resource for schools to use to help in primary school recovery curriculums.

 The resource has been devised to help combat some of the effects that the COVID-19 situation has had on the health and wellbeing of children. These effects can include the loss of functional capacity (physical fitness), lack of motivation, resilience, confidence, loneliness and social isolation. The document is not a ‘fix it all’ resource for such a complex issue, however it is an easy to use document that could help out school staff who may need a little inspiration to engage their pupils in some physical activity that can contribute to the 30 active minutes a day that every child is entitled too.

The document is only 11 pages in length and has over 50 links to PDF resources and video links categorised into activities that can be run in a classroom, at home and in a hall or outdoor space. The directory of activities can be downloaded from button below. If you have any feedback, please email your local School Games Lead and if you have any activities that you  think would help, please forward the details onto Colin at cgrady@lymmhigh.org.uk .

Warrington Primary COVID-19 Physical Activity Directory

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