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Motiv8 Boccia and New Age Kurling Project

The Cheshire and Warrington School Sport Alliance (CWSSA) successfully applied for funding from the Targeting Inequalities Fund to start up the MOTIV8 project with the area.

The project targets SEND children and young people aged 7 -14 years old within mainstream schools to help start a Boccia or New Age Kurling (NAK) extra-curricular club. The funding has been used to purchase more Boccia and New Age Kurling equipment that can be borrowed by schools wanting to set an extra-curricular club for this target group.   

Support from your School Games Lead is available in the form of help setting up the club and will be available throughout the remainder of this academic year into the next academic year.

There is also a 6-week session suggestions resources that can be downloaded which introduces you to the project and gives your school deliverers some ideas about what aims, objectives and activities can be used each week. Schools will be required to complete a small amount of monitoring and evaluation at the end of the 6-week block of work, which will include quantitative figures and a small case study. There are approximately 6 schools taking part in this project for the final half term of this year, however if you feel this is a project you would like to get involved with next year, please contact you School Games Lead to discuss.

To access the Boccia session suggestions document please click on the link below.

MOTIV8 Boccia Session Suggestions

To access the individual resource cards please click here.

To access the New Age Kurling (NAK) session suggestions document click on the link found below.

MOTIV8 New Age Kurling Session Suggestions

To access the individual resource cards please click here.

If you need to book the equipment to run one of these clubs, please click here indicating what equipment you would like to loan.

If you need to contact your School Games Lead regarding this opportunity, please email them directly or click on the link below.

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