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Year 1 Road to Goodison Football Festival

Eleven teams took part in the Year 1 Road to Goodison football festival at Priestley College on the 20th October 2016. Teams were split up into three different groups, with the top two from each group and the two best third place teams qualifying to the quarter final stage. The overall winners of the competition would then progress onto the next stage of the Road to Goodison Competition at Finch Farm.

We observed some excellent Year 1 football during the day, all games were very competative and played in the right manor.

Stockton Heath went on to qualify from group one with maximum points, as well St. Benedicts from group two.

Fixtures and results from the group stage can be found below.



Fixtures Group 1 Fixtures Group 2 Fixtures Group 3
Thelwall Infants  St Peters  1-0  Penketh South    St Benedicts   0-1  St Wilfrids 3  St Thomas's   0-0  
Stockton Heath  v Thelwall Infants  2-1 S Wilfrids 1 v Penketh South  0-0 Burtonwood v Oughtrington   0-2
St Peters v St Wilfrids 2 1-0 St Benedicts v St Wilfrids 1 3-0 St Wilfrids 3 v Burtonwood  0-3
Thelwall Infants v St Wilfrids 2 3-0         St Thomas's v Oughtrington  2-1
StWilfrids 2 v Stockton Heath 0-3         St Wilfrids 3 v Oughtrington  0-4
St Peters v Stockton Heath 0-2         St Thomas's v Burtonwood  0-1


The knock rounds gave us some tense action; with every team wanting to go the distance. Oughtrington defeated rivals Stockton Heath in the semi-final whilst Thelwall Infants continued their cup run beating St. Thomas’s to book their place in the final against Oughtrington.
Thelwall Infants momentum continued as they defeated Oughtrington 2-1 to book there place at Finch Farm for the very first time.


Quarter Final Results
Stockton Heath V St Wilfrids 3 3-0
Oughtrington v Penketh South 2-0
St Benedicts v Thelwall Infants 0-1
St Thomas's v St Peters 1-0



Semi Final Results
Stockton Heath v Oughtrington 1-2
Thelwall Infants v St Thomas's 1-0



Final Result
Oughtrington v Thelwall Infants 1-2


Congratulations to Thelwall Infants School who progress to Finch Farm and into the next stage of the Road to Goodison competition.

Well done to the rest of the teams that competed and thank you to Priestley College for hosting the tournament and once again for supplying such great leaders to referee the competition. Hopefully we’ll be seeing you all competing again very soon. 








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