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School Games Mark Update

The 2020 School Games Mark window is due to open in the coming month, the Youth Sport Trust and Sport England have worked hard consulting with a range of stakeholders on the correct approach to take in light of the COVID -19 pandemic and its effects on your local communities.

This consultation has included the mangers of the School Games Programme at a local level, development coaches and more importantly a sample of schools that have achieved bronze, silver and gold School Games Marks in 2019. While there are schools that felt they have enough information to apply for the Mark based on two terms of work, the overriding feedback from headteachers at these schools, the priority for staff was to cater for the needs of all students whilst also preparing for schools to return to a NEW normal in  the future.

Taking this information on board the decision has been made to PAUSE the 2020 School Games Mark. This means that schools will retain their 2019 School Games Mark Award for this academic year. Unfortunately, new schools wanting to apply this year will have to wait to 2020-2021 to apply.

If your school was eligible to apply for the platinum School Games Mark this year, you will continue to be eligible in 2021 (if you meet the requisite of achieving your Gold Mark once again). For schools that are already Platinum, you will retain this status for a further year....lucky guys!

Further information on the development of a certificate of recognition for schools involvement in virtual programmes over the summer term will be forth coming.

In the meantime, this could be the perfect time to organise a meeting with your relevant School Games Lead to prepare for the 2020-2021 academic year and maybe strive to reach the next level of the award.

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