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Chance to Shine Cricket

Chance to shineAs this week was supposed to start our cricket season within the Warrington area, I thought it would be good to promote the school resources that can be accessed to help develop skills within the cricket arena.

Chance to Shine is a national charity that aims to give all children the opportunity to play, learn and develop through cricket. They look at working with approximately 500,000 children every year to develop their personal, social, physical skills and normally provide children with their first positive experience of cricket.  They work with the 39 County Cricket Boards across the country and send specialist coaches into schools once a week for a period of 6 weeks to support cricket coaching. Many of the Warrington schools will have received this support over the last 5 and half years I've been in post and I know of schools that have been so impressed with this support that you have bought in the support on an annual basis to help the development of cricket. For schools that have never received this support please contact Colin and I will introduce you to Owen and AJ from Cheshire Cricket Board who can help you access this support. 

Chance to Shine have programmes for primary, secondary and SEND schools, run street cricket programmes and have a National Cricket Week (happening on Monday 22 June to Friday 26 June 2020). A further project that some primary school teachers will have heard of would be the All Stars Cricket Programme, this has been run by local clubs in the area and the Warrington School Games Programme is looking at running a centre potentially in the coming year/s. 

  • For more information regarding the Primary Schools programme please click here.
  • Information regarding the Secondary Schools programme can be found here.
  • Disability Cricket information can be found here.

Chance to Shine also offer free school resources for both primary secondary and special schools, These resources include lesson plans related to cricket but also numeracy and literacy lesson plans and resources for Key Stage 1 pupils all the way through to Key Stage 4 GCSE English, Maths and PE. All teachers and support staff need to do is create an account and sign up to the Chance to Shine Schools Website to access all their available resources. During this period once you have signed up you will receive a weekly activity that you can share with your class or school the first 7 sessions can be found here.

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