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School Games Mark Update

I have previously mentioned that the School Games Mark for this year has been paused and that schools with existing School Games Marks will retain their award for this academic year. This said there will be no new School Games Mark certificates or plaques being issued to schools for the academic year 2019 - 2020. 

 A few questions that have arisen from the consultation group regarding School Games Marks for this year include:

  1. How do we reward schools that have taken on board the School Games Mark as a developmental tool for developing PE and School Sport throughout the whole year?
  2. What happens to schools that want to apply for the School Games Mark for the first time?
  3. How do we reward schools for their commitment to the School Games throughout the period of lockdown?

Taking this into account the Youth Sport Trust has issued School Games Leads with two new certificates and digital badges that we can award to schools before the end of this academic year.

The first award recognises a school’s commitment to developing the School Games within your school throughout the Autumn and Spring terms and the other award recognises your virtual delivery during the COVID -19 period. Over the coming weeks your relevant School Games Lead will be having meaningful conversations with schools who already hold a 2018-2019 School Games Mark and schools that have indicated they want to achieve a School Games Mark award for this academic year.

If you fit into any of the above categories and haven't heard from you relevant School Games Lead in the next few weeks, can you please contact them directly to ensure you haven't been missed by mistake.

Furthermore, with regards to the virtual Schools Games Mark Award, its not too late to start promoting the virtual opportunities that we are offering to your children and families. If you want anymore information, contact your relevant School Games Lead.

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