60 Second Challenges

As the academic year is coming to the end, I thought I'd promote a small resource that can be used at home during the summer break to engage children and families in physical activity.

The 60 Second challenge is a set of resource activities that you can ask your children and parents to participate in during the summer period. Each challenge only lasts 60 seconds and uses limited equipment. Each activity gives you alternate equipment options and are essentially based around the personal challenge/my personal best concept. If you utilise the tracking sheet you can see if your children are achieving a bronze, silver or gold standard. 


The activity tracking sheet can be found below and can be used to record which activity you have decided to complete and the score you have achieved. Why not challenge your pupils and their families to try a challenge a week or even every day during the summer period. 

Challenge Activity Tracking Sheet

If you want to try something different you could give the following two games a go and get pupils and their families involved.

Bingo Physical Activity Challenge

The Bingo Physical Activity Challenge is split into 3 categories, bronze, silver and gold, why not try and get your class, bubble and or family to complete the challenges over the summer period. Remember to be honest in your scoring and try your best in each of the activities. For schools, families and bubbles that have individuals who have specific learning needs, you may want to try the Makaton resource which may help these individuals achieve their personal best.  

 Connect 4 Physical Activity Challenge

As in the classic Connect 4 game this challenge really requires 2 players to play, however it can be used by just one individual to challenge themselves or multiple players (you just need to have more coloured pens to mark off your completed challenges). The idea is the same as normal Connect 4, the first player to get 4 in a row (horizontal, vertical or diagonal) is the winner, the only difference being each participant must complete an exercise to colour a disc in (instead of dropping a disc in the grid). 

Once again there is a differentiated version for individuals with specific learning needs.

Have a go and keep active during the summer break.

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