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School Games

What is the Warrington School Games Programme?

The School Games is a unique opportunity to motivate and inspire millions of Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5 young people across the country to take part in more competitive school sport. The School Games are made up of four levels of activity: competition in schools, between schools and at the county and national level. The Warrington School Games programme is the local School Games programme for the two School Games areas within Warrington associated with Lymm High School and Beamont Collegiate Academy.


For many young people sporting competition is first experienced through intra-house teams, form group competitions and or in PE lessons. This level of competition will build on a school's existing work to offer pupils a year-round programme of regular intra-school competition in a number of sports that culminate in a School Games Day.

The Warrington School Games Programme and the Warrington School Sport Partnership sees this as an ideal opportunity to get school staff and School Sport Organising Crews or Committees involved in the running of small competitive sports opportunities. Help in organising this activity is available to every school who is registered on the School Games website .


Inter-school competition is for Years 3 to 13. At this stage individuals and teams will be selected to represent their school at inter-school competitions, many of which could be leagues. Schools will have the flexibility to decide which sports to enter but are encouraged to involve as many pupils as possible by creating breadth in the sports they offer and depth through the creation of additional teams.

Within the Warrington area inter-school competitions are held throughout the academic year with exit routes into the county wide Winter and Summer School Games events. These competitions are available to book through this website. Further competitive activities run by the Warrington School Sport Partnership (as part of the PE & School Sport SLA), National Governing Body of Sport partners and local professional sports clubs are also included in our events schedule. Exit routes from these competitions may not lead into the County School Games events but may lead onto national heats and finals and have also links into the local clubs so that children can continue playing sport outside the school environment.

County Finals

Each county will host a multi-sport showcase event as a culmination of the year-round inter-school competition. Teams and individuals competing at inter-school level will win the opportunity to compete in this event. Pupils succeeding at this level will be encouraged to develop their enjoyment and talent in sport through existing National Governing Body of Sport clubs and talent pathways.

The School Games Festival is normally planned and managed through a Local Organising Committee and is chaired by a Head Teacher and supported by the Physical Activity Partnership.

National Finals

This is a national multi-sport event, in which the country's most talented athletes of school/college age compete if selected by a National Governing Body of Sport. This event will take place in high quality venues amongst a unique and vibrant atmosphere and supports athlete development; acting as a steppingstone to further national and international competition.

Warrington Primary School Games Agreement

It has been agreed by the Warrington Primary School Heads Association that for the academic years 2018-2019 and 2019 -2020 there will be a small cost to help with the running and management of the primary Warrington School Games programme. This was agreed after a consultation period discussing the breakdown of the additional costs associated with the comprehensive events calendar run by the two School Games Leads in the Warrington area.

It must be made clear that this cost goes towards the medals, certificates, transport, venue costs, additional staffing costs, equipment, website costs etc associated with the 54 events that are run throughout the academic year for this programme. It does not go towards the salary costs associated with the 2 School Games Lead posts.

For the summary document please click on the button below.

School Games 2018 - 2020 Summary Document

To book onto any available event please go directly to the events pages or events calendar on this website.

Coming Soon........Impact report on the Warrington Primary School Games Programme 2018 -2019

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