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Holiday Camps

Gifted and Talented Multi-skills Academy Holiday Programme

The Gifted and Talented Multi-skills Academy is designed to enhance and enrich the current provision in Key Stage 2 and focuses on achieving the following:

  • The acquisition and mastery of generic skills that are useful for all activity
  • Helping children understand the benefits of physical activity
  • Helping children find and fulfill their future potential

Our coaches will look to deliver activities based around the development of skills such as hand-eye coordination, strength, running, striking, balance, agility, power, kicking, jumping, leaping and catching.
The Multi-skill Academy will form part of the Warrington Performance Pathway for young people which will help to bridge the gap to National Governing Bodies Player Pathways. This programme is on a nomination basis only and more information will be sent to partner schools throughout the year.

Primary Leadership Academy

The Primary Leadership Academy programme is aimed at Year 4 to 6 pupils and is in essence a ‘Leadership Club’. The programme is designed to provide high quality, regular support, training and development for primary age pupils aged 8 – 11 years old that are interested in developing leadership skills during the holiday periods. It aims to develop and grow young people as leaders and volunteers to sustain and support the Physical Education and School Sport agenda in a fun and friendly environment.

All children that attend this programme would be considered Bronze Young Ambassadors under the old Youth Sport Trust Young Ambassadors Programme. At the end of Year 6 their chosen Warrington Secondary School are notified of their young ambassador status so that they can continue to progress through the ambassador programme to the highest level of Platinum Ambassador by the time they leave sixth form. To attend the Primary Leadership Academy pupils must be nominated by their primary schools and further information will be sent out to partner schools throughout the year.

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