Summer Virtual 2020 Challenges

These challenges give you a taste of three different activities that would make up a school athletics competition: #1 Run—how far can you run in a set time? #2 Throw—how far can you throw a small item? #3 Jump—how far can you jump?
An excellent slalom challenge, dribble in and out of the course of cones or obstacles.
Design your course, chip the ball over the water feature and try and putt the ball into the cup
Can you perform a series of alphabet shapes fluently and under control?
This challenge is aimed at testing your throwing accuracy, just like when we shoot in handball. Try and hit the target as many times as you can in 60 seconds.

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Legend & resource cards needed to run the CW Virtual School Games Orienteering Challenge.
Can you correctly match orienteering map symbols with their descriptions?
Three Challenges in one: 1. Keepy Ups 2. Rally against the wall 3. Volley against the wall
Ball control challenge keeping the ball moving for 1 minute
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