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About Us

Warrington School Sport Partnership was set up in 2000 to allow more young people in the Warrington Borough to participate in physical activity and school sport. Throughout the school sport partnership days, we delivered competitive sporting, leadership, volunteering, coaching opportunities to children and young people in the school and community environment.

Today the Warrington School Sport Partnership is a formal localised agreement between Beamont Collegiate Academy and the schools that pay for the Warrington School Sport Partnership services.

The School Games Programme is a national programme paid for by central government and is operated across the two School Games areas in Warrington. The two School Games Lead areas are currently hosted by Beamont Collegiate Academy and Lymm High School. Our core tasks include the development of competitive sports opportunities to our schools; developing a school sport workforce by utilising school leadership students to run competitions; development of physical activity for the least physically active through the use of Change4Life clubs.

If you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact your relevant School Games Organiser. 

TitleContact Details
School Sport Manager (Beamont Collegiate Academy) Penny Moorfield
E-mail: moorfieldp@bca.warrington.ac.uk
Mobile: 07836 745551
School Games Lead (Lymm High School) No one in post
Sports Coach Dave Ansell
E-mail: anselld@bca.warrington.ac.uk
Mobile: 07773 974012



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