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School Games Mark

What is the School Games Mark?

The School Games Mark is a government led awards scheme launched in 2012 to reward schools for their commitment to the development of competition across their school and into the community. Participating in this process allows schools to evaluate their PE & school sport provision and assists them in developing an action plan for future progress.

How can a school apply?

School Games registered schools are eligible to apply once a year during the application window (normally from June to the middle of August) and are graded against set criteria that is distributed in September of that academic year. The School Games Mark is a retrospective award and all answers submitted should consider the current academic year, i.e. the current term and the two previous terms. 

Applications are made by completing the online application form that is available to all registered schools through their online dashboards. If you're not registered or are unsure of whether your school has been involved previously, please click here , use the school search on the right-hand side of the School Games website to locate your school. If your school isn’t registered create an account and your School Games Lead will contact you as soon as possible to get you on board.

How is the award confirmed?

When an application is submitted, it is graded automatically against that year's criteria. This initially determines whether the application is likely to be at a bronze, silver, or gold level. The application is then either verified by that school's local School Games Lead or is picked for a validation visit by an SIRC (external auditor). The auditors randomly select a small cohort of schools each year to ensure that the information being provided is correct. Those schools which consistently submit gold level applications will be given the opportunity to additionally apply for the platinum award, which is then valid for two years.

What are the key criteria?

Each School Games Mark application is divided into four sets of questions. They cover the following basic topics.

  • Participation - how many young people at your school are being engaged in physical/sporting activity?
  • Competition - how many different sports are being played and how many competitions are being entered at intra and inter level?
  • Workforce - how many pupils are involved in leadership activities alongside taking part in competitions?
  • Clubs - how many local links does your school have with clubs or establishments from the area?

What do I get if I am successful?

All successful schools receive a Digital Celebration Pack. This contains the following:

  • School Games Mark logo - available in multiple formats for use on letterheads, school website etc.
  • Certificate - available for you to display proudly at your school
  • Celebratory GIF - which you can share on social media to further celebrate your success
  • Draft press release - which you can customise and share with the local media

Schools who receive either the gold or platinum awards will also receive a plaque to display at their school.

Where can I find the School Games Mark Criteria?

The criteria can be found on your dashboard and can also be downloaded by clicking the button below.

School Games Mark Criteria 2019-2020

Further School Games Mark information and documentation

Further relevant documents to help in completing, submitting and ensuring you have the right evidence to support you application can be found below.

School Games Mark Application Timeline Document

School Games Mark Guidance 2019-2020

Is there anyway of finding out what level award our school currently holds?

Existing users of the School Games dashboard can see what they have been awarded. For other people, please access the WaSSP School Structure , find your school and it should be updated with the most up to date School Games Mark award.

Is there any help in achieving the School Games Mark?

Yes, there is, please look out for localised workshops run by the Warrington School Games Leads which are promoted and accessed through this website. Also contact your School Games Lead to book a meeting to discuss the award.

Finally from the Warrington School Games Programme  team, good luck with your applications for the coming year.

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