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Personal Challenge

One part of School Games Programme mission is to help more children and young people with the opportunity to compete and achieve their Personal Best. There is a focus on including competition against oneself and others to improve personal performances with a focus on the process rather than the outcome.  

The School Games Personal Challenge is a student led opportunity to attempt to improve performance and can take place both in school and out of school. The ideal way of running this programme is to allow the children and young people the chance to choose what challenges they want to take on. Their choices should be personal to them and not just because a friend or someone else told them to do participate in the task.

As School Games advocates, we are aware that this could prove challenging to monitor in a school environment especially for your School Games Mark. Numerous schools run personal challenges throughout the year within the PE curriculum (Real PE) and in extra curricular activities.

To help schools create a more diverse range of personal challenges this page will show a range of different challenges, case studies, resources and examples that help can help your children and young people engage in a personal challenge that suits their need.

If you want to share your personal challenges, please use #SGChallenge and tag @YourSchoolGames and @SGWarrington into any social media posts.

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