C4L Champions Training

Playing Your Part as a C4L Champion - This module aims to enable your champions to understand the national picture, the C4L Champions programme & their role within it.
Creative Champions - This module aims to support C4L Champions to think of lots of creative ideas & activities they can share health & wellbeing messages across the whole school.
Leading Champions - Enables the Champions to familiarise themselves with the C4L club resources; plan, organise & deliver fun & safe activities; explore interactive activities to help share health & wellbeing messages.
Planning Champions - This module aims to provide an opportunity for the C4L Champions to develop a vision & plan for their future role.
Networking Champions - This module aims to support C4L Champions to identify who can support them in their role.
Teachers supporting C4L Champions in your School - A session specifically to inform teachers of the role of C4L Champions & what their own roles are in supporting Champions in school.
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